November 2016 Goals

Christmas decorations are showing up all over the place right now, which means I have to start fighting the Christmas music urge. Last year I started listening too early, but the year before that I started too late! There’s a tough balance between giving yourself enough time to get excited… and playing Mannheim Steamroller’s Deck the Halls on repeat for so long that it loses its magic. I know I’m supposed to be like “Thanksgiving is important too! Wait until afterward!” but while I don’t want to undermine the importance of thankfulness, I really just don’t care that much about Thanksgiving. Emotionally. Is that bad? It’s just that Christmas carries a lot of meaning for me as a Christian and as someone who loves family so much. If the calendar year had a heart, it would be December 25. August would be the brain. And February would be the feet because of alliteration and the fact that February just kind of stinks. I don’t know what November would be, but here are my goals for the month!


November 2016 Goals

1. Blog. Why is it so hard? I’ve got a gorgeous wedding and some more Italy coming your way.
2. Shoot three weddings.
3. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the mountains. (I know, I don’t deserve to celebrate it after this post. But I really am so thankful!)
4. Read The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante.
5. Attend 3 fitness classes per week at the Y.
6. This has been a goal throughout the year, really — continue organizing my photos. I just attended a webinar by Nancy Ray on this and am feeling even more inspired to get it done.
7. Meditate daily. This was a goal for October that I didn’t quite stick to, and I’d like to get back into the habit.

Happy November!

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