Venice is so weird in the best possible way. It wasn’t what I expected at all! The architecture was fascinating, really different from Rome and Florence, and there were so many times when we found ourselves totally alone despite how crowded the most popular areas of the city were. It was definitely the most romantic of the four cities we visited (in my opinion) what with the empty alleys and the canals and the street lamps and the wonderful fact that there were no cars at all. We hit a few of the important landmarks, but mostly we just wondered around and ate pastries and drank wine and did our best to soak up our last hours in Italy. I think it’s the city I’d most like to revisit someday because it didn’t feel like we got to see everything… partially because it’s the most confusing place EVER and we got lost every few hours. I felt like that was part of the fun, but that’s probably because Cameron was the one in charge of navigating. 🙂 And of course I had the hardest time putting down my camera and basically took photos whenever Cameron had to stop and figure out where we were. But seriously, it was the best. Enjoy a few of my favorite shots of Venice.


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  • Absolutely amazing… so beautiful I could cry! The little bistro with the yellow chairs looked so cute too. Thank you for taking the time to share!ReplyCancel